Fighting climate change at scale with rock powder

Permanent, independently verified, directly measured and cost-effective removal of atmospheric CO2

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Removing 1 billion tons of CO2 until 2035 for less than $100/t

Everest Carbon permanently removes atmospheric CO2 by speeding up Earth's natural carbon cycle through Enhanced Weathering

Our process improves soil health, increases crop yields and helps rural communities in the global south make a decent living

Enhanced Weathering (EW)


Speeding up Earth's natural carbon cycle at scale

The time to act is now

We don't have time for decades of R&D, we can scale EW today!

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Leading scientists, entrepreneurs and carbon experts united to make a dent in the climate crisis

Pascal Michel

Founder & CEO

Dr. Matthias Ginterseder

Chief Technology Officer

Vinod Ramanarayanan

Head of Operations

Anirudh Rao

Head of Farm Business

Prof. Rafael Santos

Scientific Advisor